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The Back-Up Sensor

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Section 3 - 135:  The Parking Distance Warning System (Reverse)

Many vehicles today are equipped with all kinds of high-tech sensors that do handy things, like prevent you from backing up into a post, a wall or someone else’s car.  Today we are going to give you a quick overview of the Parking Distance Warning System (Reverse), otherwise known as, the backup sensor.  

The backup sensor gives an audible alert to let you know when you are approaching an object while in reverse.  The alert starts with an intermittent beeping and becomes more insistent the closer you get to an object, eventually becoming a constant tone (which is your cue to hit the brakes).  

Just how close to that wall are you when the backup sensor starts to beep at you? 

Intermittent Beeping: 60-120 cm (24-47”)
Frequent Beeping: 30-60 cm (12-24”)
Constant Beeping: Less than 30 cm (12”)

(These are general guidelines check your owner’s manual to confirm your model’s distances)

"Detecting range may decrease for objects smaller than 40 inches and narrower than 6 inches. ."

Conditions That Might Interfere With the Sensor

The sensor is a handy safety feature but is not infallible. So to avoid backing up into your boss’s car at work keep the following things in mind.  

The system will activate when backing up but is only designed for slow speeds.   If your speed exceeds 5 km/h the system may not be able to detect objects and if you exceed 10 km/h the system will not warn you even if objects are detected.  Sadly this means the backup sensor won’t help if you find yourself driving backwards in a high speed car chase (sorry).

In our snowy part of the world it is very possible the sensor could become covered with dirt or debris such as snow or ice, in which case the system may not operate normally.  This indicates it could be time for a car wash. 

Detecting range may decrease for objects smaller than 40 inches and narrower than 6 inches.  Sharp or slim objects such as ropes, chains or small poles or objects which tend to absorb sensor frequency (such as clothes, spongy material or snow) may not be recognized.  

If any non-factory equipment or accessories have been installed or the vehicle bumper height or sensor installation has been modified the system could experience a malfunction.  Be sure not to spray the sensor area directly with a high pressure washer and avoid pushing, scratching or striking the sensor with any hard objects that could damage it. 

So there is your brief overview of the Parking Distance Warning System (Reverse). If you want to read it for yourself and learn more about your vehicle’s amazing features you can find your owner’s manual online (or maybe in your glovebox).  After all who doesn’t need help falling asleep once in a while? 

*This information came from the 2019 Santa Fe Owner’s manual section 3 page 135.  Take it as a general guideline for other models but if you want to be 100% accurate be sure to check out your model’s owners manual.  


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