Winter Tires

Winter Tires 

When the daylight changes, and the mercury starts to swing, it’s time to begin thinking about switching out your tires. At Schlueter Hyundai, we have the winter tire packages for you and your Hyundai, backed by everyday low prices and expert installation.

Winter Tire Service & Shuttle

Every time you come in to our Service Centre for tire services, our Hyundai tire technicians will ensure that your summer or winter tires are installed and balanced correctly, helping to both minimize uneven wear patterns while also optimizing performance and stopping distance.

Due to the narrow window of time for the shift between seasons, our volume of business can get quite high when you need to get your tires switched out or installed. To keep this from interfering with your day, we offer a free shuttle service to help get you to work or home while your vehicle is in our shop.

Want to avoid the winter tire rush? Schedule your service appointment online now!

How Do Winter Tires Differ from Snow Tires?

The modern winter tire has replaced what was traditionally known as the “snow tire.” It’s mostly a difference in the terms used by tire companies—as many people still use the term “snow tires”—but there are some important differences.

Two factors, tread pattern and the tire compounds used in the production of tires, determine how well a tire grips the road. In the old days, snow tires had very aggressive treads, which worked well to cut through snow but did little for ice.

The modern winter tire is made to grip both snow and ice in the winter. Softer rubber compounds help winter tires stay supple as temperatures drop and get more traction on ice, whereas old snow tires will become brittle just like modern all-seasons.

What’s the lesson in this? If you think that winter tires aren’t worth their weight, then maybe you haven’t had a chance to try a modern winter tire. With new designs and production techniques, the modern winter tire is one of the best safety systems available for your vehicle in the winter.

When Should I Switch Back to Summer Tires?

When the temperature starts to rise above 7-degrees Celsius, it’s time to switch back to summer or all-season tires. At this heat, the soft rubber of snow tires that gives you the extra grip you need during slick winter driving conditions becomes susceptible to rapid wear and even shredding. If you continue to drive with your winter tires, not only will it reduce your performance and handling, but it will also prematurely wear down your investment.

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