Hyundai's Adaptive Cruise Control.

Making your drive safer and more comfortable. 


How to Use the Adaptive Cruise Control

Monitoring the stop-and-go traffic situation with advanced radar sensors, the Cruise Control system allows you to drive at speeds of over 30km/h without depressing the accelerator pedal. It maintains a safe car distance by automatically engaging the brakes and elevating the speed intuitively with Electronic Stability Control to make your driving experience more comfortable on congested roads.

To turn it on, press the Cruise Control button on the steering wheel and accelerate to the desired speed (over 30km/h). To set the cruise control speed, push the lever on the steering down to SET-, and release it. Release the accelerator pedal, and the vehicle will now maintain that speed on its own.

To increase or decrease the cruise control speed, push the lever up or down and release immediately. The speed will then increase or decrease by increments of 2km/h each time. Alternatively, push the lever up a hold it, then release when the desired speed is reached on


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