Improves fuel economy by automatically eliminating idling. 

Idle Stop & Go System

The ISG system is to reduce the fuel consumption by automatically shutting down the engine, when the vehicle is at a standstill (i.e. red stop light, stop sign, and traffic jam).  

To stop the engine in idle stop mode 

  1. Decrease the vehicle speed to 0 km/h. 
  2. Depress the brake pedal with the shift lever in D (Drive) or N (Neutral). The auto stop indicator illuminates in green on the instrument cluster, when the engine stops.
  3. The engine is automatically restarted when you release the brake pedal. 

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Under certain conditions the ISG system will not automatically engage.  In this case the ISG light will appear orange on the dash rather than green.  Some of these conditions include: 

  • The driver’s seat belt is not fastened. 
  • The hood or driver’s door are not closed properly
  • The vehicle did not reach a minimum speed of 5 km/h
  • The A/C blower is set at the highest speed
  • The vehicle is on a grade of over 12% uphill or 5% downhill. 
  • The vehicle’s battery is not sufficiently charged

For a full list of conditions please refer to your owner’s manual or look it up online here.  

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To Deactivate the ISG System 

  • Press the ISG OFF button to deactivate the ISG system. 

  • Then, the ISG OFF button indicator illuminates. 

  • Press the ISG OFF button again to reactivate the ISG system. 

  • Then, the ISG OFF button indicator turns OFF.

Please note each time you turn on your vehicle it will the ISG system will default to the on position.  Depending on your model the location of the ISG OFF button may vary. 

If the ISG light is blinking in yellow it indicates a malfunction with the system and you should contact your Hyundai dealer to have it checked out

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