Don't wait until the first snow fall to think about your winter tires.  Take care of them now and avoid the winter rush.  

Winter Tires Are Essential In Canada

Winter tires are one of the most important safety features a vehicle driving on Canada's cold and snowy roads can be equipped with.  Transport Canada recommends all vehicles driving in temperatures below 7 C have winter tires installed on all 4 wheels.  

All-season tires sound convenient but they are not intended for Canada's particular brand of winter.  Once the temperature dips below 7C the rubber on all-season tires becomes stiff and loses its ability to grip the road.  Modern winter tires (identified by the image of a snowflake inside a mountain on the sidewall) are designed to maintain their elasticity even at temperatures approaching -30C.  

The video above demonstrates the dramatic difference in driving and stopping a set of good winter tires can make, even on an all-wheel drive vehicle.  

"Transport Canada recommends installing winter tires on all 4 wheels."

Generally we find that the day after the first dusting of snow there is a big rush to book vehicles in to have winter tires installed.  The best time to get your vehicle in is right now, when the sun is still a little bit warm and most people are trying not to think about winter driving.

If you need to purchase winter tires have a look at our pricing packages and also be sure to check out the great rebates currently available from most of the major tire manufacturers and then book your appointment today.