Welcome Milan


Milan Kecman grew up in Waterloo after coming to Canada with his family in 1997 from Yugoslavia.  He attended Bluevale Collegiate high school and graduated in 2012.  

“The things that make me the happiest in life is making other people happy and smile!”

Milan has a wide breadth of interests that span from sports (AC Milan forever) and music (favourite band, Metallica) to books (Albert Einstein’s The Special and General Theory of Relativity) and the Terminator movies (Terminator 2 especially).  Milan is also a lover of food and his favourite meals include Oktoberfest sausage, and Cevaps, a Balkan specialty.

When he’s not in the showroom you might find him playing darts or billiards or spending time  working on his car. 

If he was going to take a Hyundai on a road trip his first choice would be to drive the new Palisade all the way out to British Columbia.  He is a big fan of Hyundai’s simple to use infotainment system with its intuitive combination of knob and touch screen controls.  

“For me simplicity and quality is key, and Hyundai has really emphasized these key points and I truly have to say all their features are really great”.  

Please join us in welcome Milan to the Schlueter Hyundai family.  You can find him on Instagram @milankecman7