Welcome Jessica Costello

Jessica was born in Cambridge and adopted into a loving family as the youngest girl.  She moved to Waterloo when she was 10 years old, later graduating from St. David’s high school.  Recently engaged, Jessica now has a family of her own as a step mom to two little ones.  

Jessica has spent her first weeks here training and working hard to learn every thing she can about the Hyundai line-up of vehicles. 

“One of the best things so far about working at Schlueter Hyundai is how fun and supportive the staff is, it feels nice to be part of such a great work family.  I also really enjoy meeting and working with new people every day.”  

Her favourite model so far is the Elantra GT, which she can see herself taking on a road trip up to Tobermory.  She also really loves the Hyundai backup camera and blind spot detection system.  #lifesaver

Outside of the showroom Jessica spends her time biking, taking walks in the forest and watching Grey’s Anatomy.  She also really loves old trucks.  

If she was forced to work somewhere else she imagines herself selling surfboards on a beach in Hawaii.  

We love having Jessica as part of our #SchlueterHyundaiFamily and be sure to stop by and say hi next time you are here.