Tip to make the journey as much 

fun as the destination.

Have a Road Trip Planned?

Spontaneity is a fun and essential part of vacation, but for a long car ride (especially with little kids) a little bit of advanced planning can make all the difference.  Here are a few tips and suggestions to make your journey as much fun as your destination.  


Road Trip Snacks 

You can’t go wrong with a simple snack mix.  Make a big batch of popcorn and then mix in everyone’s favourite add-ins like dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, pretzels, crackers or dried cereal. 

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What to Listen To?

If your car is equipped with Sirius XM Radio you have endless listening options with everything from oldies and top 40 to talk radio and live sportscasts.  Use their online channel guide to set your presets before you leave.  


Another great way to pass time on the road is an engaging audiobook or podcast. Here are a few of our recommendations: