Smart & Safe Lighting Systems

Features Of Your Hyundai

Adaptive LED Lights

Available LED lights give your Hyundai a sophisticated look while offering outstanding visibility on the road.  LED headlights generate a brighter, more piercing quality of light versus traditional bulbs, plus they are more efficient and rarely need to be replaced.  Along with LED lights the available Adaptive Cornering System improves the night driving experience even further.  This advanced lighting system enables the headlights to turn with the direction of the steering wheel to better light up the dark road ahead. 

High Beam Assist

Smart High Beam Assist is a convenient feature that eliminates the need for drivers to manually switch high beams on and off at night as you drive.   When you engage the automatic high beams, your Hyundai will detect vehicles ahead, both in your lane and the oncoming lane, and automatically turn off the high beams to avoid impairing the vision of other drivers.  Once the area ahead of you is clear again the system will reactivate the high beams.   When the auto feature is engaged the high beam icon will appear on the dash with the word “auto” below it.   This allows you to keep more of your attention on the road while driving at night.