What is HTRAC All-Wheel Drive and Do You Need it?

Hyundai’s HTRAC AWD System

SUV’s have quickly become one of the best selling vehicles in Canada and most have the option to be equipped with an All-Wheel Drive system.  

So do you need AWD on your next vehicle?  At the end of the day whether or not AWD is a priority for you comes down to several factors including the climate you live in, your budget and personal preference.  

Let’s take a quick look at exactly what the HTRAC AWD system does.  

All-Wheel Drive helps to increase your traction and ability to accelerate in slippery conditions, such as the snowy roads of a typical Canadian winter.  Snow tires on the other hand will help improve your ability to steer and stop in those same weather conditions.  Together AWD and snow tires give you the best tools for safely navigating treacherous winter driving conditions.  

Traditional 4-wheel drive systems were intended for off-road conditions and generally not very fuel efficient.  Hyundai’s HTRAC all-wheel drive system is designed to combine the capabilities of a 4WD system with the performance and full efficiency of front-wheel drive. While the AWD system is always engaged drivers have the option of selecting one of three driving modes:  



Comfort - Power is split approximately 70/30 between the front and rear wheels for stable control is all weather conditions.

Smart or Eco - Majority of power is sent to the front wheels for improved fuel efficiency.

Sport - Up to 50% of the torque is sent to the rear wheels for dynamic control and greater agility.  

Plus you have the added confidence of knowing if slippery conditions are sensed the system will automatically distribute power to all four wheels automatically, no matter what mode you are in.  If two of your wheels are stuck in the snow, AWD means the other two can still work to get you un-stuck.

So if you live somewhere like Southern Ontario where the roads are often snowy and slippery AWD is a feature you will use on a regular basis. 

You can get Hyundai's HTRAC AWD on the Hyundai Santa Fe and Tucson.  Search our Inventory or book your Test Drive online. 

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