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Hyundai's Venue Added to 2020 Consumer Guide® Best Buy Lineup

The cuddly, all-new Venue is the rather affordable gateway into Hyundai's ever-growing CUV lineup


2020 Hyundai Venue First Drive Review: Small But Mighty

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Hyundai’s funky new Venue is a sub-compact SUV designed with the city in mind

Venue: Starting at $17,099

Unapologetically small, agile and not fragile, the first-ever Venue shoulders its way to the front of the line. Chiseled angles and fresh style. Tech that’s got people talking and safety that checks all the boxes. Venue brings them all together with city smarts and can-do attitude. Drive Mode Select lets you choose normal, sport or snow mode. So when the slippery stuff starts coming down, choose Snow Mode with advanced traction control for optimized driving in bad weather.