2020 Sonata Hybrid has arrived

The Sonata Hybrid is all-new and everything you could want. 

All-New 2020 Sontata Hybrid

By using a full-parallel drive system the Sonata Hybrid can run on a gasoline internal combustion engine, an electric motor or both.  This provides you with more optimized power and improved fuel economy by allowing the engine and electric motor to supply power simultaneously or independently.

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How the Hybrid System Works

The powerful electric motor is used alone for starts and low-speed driving.  In this pure electric mode the Sonata Hybrid produces zero emissions.  Once the vehicle picks up speed or climbs uphill the 2.0L Smartstream engine automatically kicks in to work in tandem with the 338 kW electric motor.  During mid-and high-speed steady driving, the Sonata hybrid switches between engine and electric propulsion modes depending on driving conditions and the battery’s state of charge.  During deceleration and downhill driving the regenerative braking system helps recharge the batteries by capturing energy that would otherwise be wasted.   

Solar Panel Roof 

The Sonata hybrid maximizes efficiency with its new solar panel roof.  When exposed to sunlight, the solar panels create energy to charge the batteries and can generate enough electric power to increase driving range by approximately 1,300 kms per year.  

All-new aerodynamic design

With its dramatic sports coupe silhouette the Sonata hybrid changes the way you look at hybrid cars.  The design not only looks stunning but also delivers outstanding aerodynamics thanks to smart engineering details.  Its cross-hole grille can be easily overlooked but his unique-looking design feature comes with highly innovative technology - active air flaps that are designed to automatically open and close to balance the need for engine cooling and improved aerodynamic efficiency.  The integrated rear spoiler also plays a key role in reducing air turbulence, as does the design of the alloy wheels.  Each fractional improvement adds up to make a big difference so the all-new Sonata hybrid rides more efficiently than ever.  

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